What's a website without FAQs?

What's the difference between the Social Media Toolbox and the Website Collection? The Social Media Toolbox is updated with new videos or animations weekly. The content is designed to educate your depositors about general financial topics. There is no call to action.
The Website Collection is designed to reside on your website. The videos educate depositors about your specific products and services. They are interactive and include a call to action button with trackable traffic in terms of hits and clicks to the call to action.
How do I use the Social Media Toolbox? Every week, you'll receive a notification that we've added new content. Just logon to the download library using credentials we provide, and browse for the content you wish to use. Click to download a ZIP file containing the video. Unzip the file, and upload the contents to any of your social media channels.
What formats do you use? Video files are MP4s. Blogs are Word documents. Graffiti images are JPGs.
How often is the Social Media Toolbox updated? Every week. Generally, we produce a Quick Money Tip one week and an animation the next.
Can the Social Media Toolbox be customized exclusively for us? Yes! We can customize the beginning and end of the Quick Money Tips and Animations. Here are some examples.
What does customization of the Social Media Toolbox cost? Just $50 per video. Since we produce two Quick Money Tips per month and two animation per month, you may choose to customize only the Quick Money Tips for an extra $100 per month, or the Animations for and extra $100 per month, or both for an extra $200 a month.
Will you make a completely custom video for us this way? Sure! Call or email us with particulars and we'll get you a quote.
What does customization of the Website Collection include? Every video in the Website Collection is customized for our clients. The standard customization includes the addition of your logo, links to your call to action, your phone number, a link to look up branch locations, and a custom background color. Also, the videos are configured to showcase only features you offer. For example, our mobile banking video mentions mobile deposit, unless you don't offer that feature.
How much does customization of the Website Collection cost? Standard customization of all Website Collection videos is free. Additional customization is available, priced individually.
Are the Website Collection videos compatible with mobile devices? Yes. When viewed on a laptop, most videos are flash-based for maximum interactivity. But the videos detect when a mobile operating system is connecting, and seamlessly redirect to a format that can be viewed on mobile devices while still retaining the valuable call to action button.