Make account transfers on this page.

You can make transfers from one account to another, from one account to multiple accounts, or from multiple accounts to one account.
Transferring from multiple accounts to multiple accounts isn’t allowed.
Let’s practice transferring funds from two accounts to one account.

  1. Select "Savings Account" as the account to transfer from

2. Enter $1000 as the amount

3. Click "Add Another"

4. Select "Master Account"

5. Enter $1000 as the amount

6. Choose "Expense Account" as the account to transfer to

7. Click "Notify Me" to preview notification options. With notification options, you can select to be notified at various stages of your transaction

8. To set a transfer to happen on a recurring basis, you can define recurring options. Click "Recurring Options" to preview recurring transfer options

9. Click "Request Transfer"

10. Click the arrow to the right to advance to the next exercise