Bank Marketing: 6 Places to Use Video in Your Marketing

Video is THE way to market banking products. For the viewer, it provides connection, clarity, and time savings. For the marketer, it delivers engagement and conversions.

But it’s one thing to be sold on video marketing, and another to know WHERE to use video in your marketing strategy.  Here are 6 places to start.


Video is the best way to get a visitor to stop and stay for awhile. “Time on page” is a key metric Google uses to assess a site’s search ranking, and video on your home page is a good way to increase that. You can lower bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who “bounce” off the page without clicking anything) by giving them a video to click on.

The video here can be a custom “who we are” video, but another good option is a topic you know will be of interest to your visitors. Try rotating topics for freshness.  For example, after the holidays, feature a video about personal loans or alternatives to credit card debt. When springtime arrives, switch to a video about home equity and all the projects it could unlock.

According to Hubspot, having a video on a landing page can increase conversions 80%.


Build Trust

Need loans on the books? You need to establish trust. Here’s how it works:

  • We will do business with people we trust.
  • We trust people who teach us things.
  • Video is the best way to teach things.

So the focus of videos about loans should be consumer education, not selling.

Try to have a video on each page that features a loan product. According to Hubspot, having a video on a landing page can increase conversions 80%.


Seeing is understanding. So the quickest and best way to introduce any new tech is video.

Maybe you want more enrollment in a payment system, estatements or a security feature for debit cards. A video showing how it works can ease the adjustment and reduce fear of the unknown.


Social media’s biggest opportunity is the sharing that happens between users.

According to Twitter, a post with video is 10X more likely to have engagement. Think of it. People sharing your message, for free!



Don’t have any videos? Then you have nothing to put on YouTube! And YouTube is the second largest search network in the world. People go there and search things like “How to buy a car”. Those are leads that are ready to buy. You want to be in the search results!


Adding an animated GIF or a simple image with a play button linked to a video on YouTube can really move the dial on your email campaigns.

According to Campaign Monitor:

  • Video boosts open rates by 19%.
  • Video boosts click-through rates by 65%.
  • Video reduces unsubscribes by 26%.


Good news! You don’t have to make these videos yourself. After all, that can be costly, and frankly, it’s likely not in your wheelhouse.

An affordable resource to get you going right away is ClickVue’s vast video library. There are hundreds of topics and even ready-made campaigns that are sure to pair with your product pages an social media goals. You can try it out for free.  Just download free samples here!

Whether your marketing plan needs a jolt or a gentle nudge, adding video promises to deliver change you and your customer can see.

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