Bank Marketing: How Video Can Boost Deposits and Accounts


We frequently ask our clients what their current marketing priority is. Today, we hear the same thing again and again: Boost deposits and boost the number of accounts on the books.

But how?

Video marketing has emerged as a powerful tool to engage customers, build trust, and ultimately increase deposits and the number of accounts. Let’s explore several creative ways a bank marketing manager can leverage video to achieve these goals.

1. Educational Product Videos

Create informative videos that highlight the bank’s various financial products and services. These can include savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), investment options, and more. Use visuals and clear explanations to help potential customers understand the benefits and features of these offerings, encouraging them to take action.

(If that sounds like more than you have time for, you’ll be happy to hear our library has multiple product videos ready-made for customization, including an entire highly customized series focusing on boosting accounts and deposits.)

2. Customer Testimonials

We always remind our clients that it’s far better to have your customers say nice things about you than to do it yourself.

Nothing builds trust like real customer experiences. Encourage satisfied customers to share their success stories through video testimonials. Hearing from peers can reassure potential clients and prompt them to choose your bank for their financial needs.

3. How-To and Tutorial Videos

Educational content is a valuable asset. Create how-to and tutorial videos that guide viewers through various banking processes, such as opening an account online, setting up automatic deposits, or using mobile banking apps. These videos empower potential clients and reduce barriers to entry.

No time to do that? Let us do it for you with our “Money Maker” series of videos is set up to do just that.

4. Live Q&A Sessions

Host live video Q&A sessions on social media or your website. Allow viewers to ask questions about banking services, interest rates, or financial planning. Live interactions build a sense of community and position your bank as a trusted source of information.

5. Financial Advice Series

Position your bank as a financial expert by creating a series of videos on various financial topics. We have something like this in our video library, if you don’t feel like tackling it yourself.

Discuss budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and other relevant subjects. Offering valuable financial advice can attract viewers seeking guidance and prompt them to consider your bank as a reliable partner.

6. Social Media Advertising

Leverage video ads on social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube offer targeting options that allow you to focus on individuals likely to open new accounts or deposit funds.

For more, check our our post about Using Videos in Ads.

Incorporating these creative uses of video into your bank’s marketing strategy can significantly boost deposits and account numbers. By providing valuable information, building trust, and fostering a sense of community, you can attract and retain customers, ultimately driving the growth of your bank’s customer base and financial success.

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