Account Transfer

Make account transfers on this page.

Here, you can make transfers from one account to another, from one account to multiple accounts, or from multiple accounts to one account.
Transferring from multiple accounts to multiple accounts isn’t allowed.

  1. For this exercise, select "Savings Account" as the account to transfer from

2. Enter $1000 as the amount

3. Click "Add Another"

4. Now you can add a second account to transfer from. Select "Master Account"

5. Enter $1000 as the amount

6. Choose "Expense Account" as the account you're transfering to. You'll notice the system has totalled the $2,000 transfer for you

7. Click "Notify Me" to preview options you have about notification about the transfer

8. When you click "Recurring Options" you can preview all the options you have when setting up recurring transfers

9. Click "Request Transfer" to see the confirmation page

10. Click the arrow to the right to advance to the next exercise