Bank Marketing: 4 Key Metrics You Can Improve in a Month

Marketing can seem like a slow process, but there are 4 key metrics you can improve meaningfully in just a month. The end results are more traffic, leads and conversions.

Let’s start with one of the biggest and best metrics of them all.


This metric under the Acquisition tab of Google Analytics is a goldmine.  Free traffic!

These are the users who found your site while searching for topics they care about.

Organic search is powerful because it’s a pull, not a push: Let’s say you’re promoting your auto loans. When you pay for ads, you’re pushing your message in front of people who may or may not be actively shopping.

Compare that to the person who is on Google pulling in information about auto loans. They are ready to buy!

So how do you boost this organic search numbers? Two words: Content Marketing. Don’t panic– that may be easier to do than you think. Keep reading.

For example, when we added this blog, our organic traffic increased 260% in less than a month. Content is a magnet. And yes, you can have it in place in less than a month. More on that in a moment.

Now, let’s talk about improving 3 other metrics that will improve your search ranking and bring you more organic traffic!

Closing the deal

Leads from search engines have an average close rate of 15%. That’s 12% higher than you’ll see from more costly outbound marketing. (Hubspot 2019)


Google seems to reward sites with a high number of page views. Makes sense, since that indicates visitors are enjoying the content. 

The key to more page views is cross linking between content your visitors want to see.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you have a video or blog post titled “Buying Your First Home”. Included on the page is a link to another video or post titled “How Much Should You Put Down?” and another that says “How to Close On Your Home Faster”. That visitor is likely to visit all three pages, increasing your Page View metric and showering you in Google love.

cross links

"The key to more page views is cross linking between content your visitors want to see"


When people spend more time on a page, Google assumes it must be a good page! Interesting and professionally written blog posts will keep a reader on a page.

But how can you increase time on your product pages? The answer is video. Even a short video on pages about loans and eservices will get viewers to pause on the page longer. That’s especially true if your site is mobile friendly.


Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who come to a page and don’t click anything.

The key to lowering this rate is to give visitors something compelling to click. A video is a natural choice to provide that click.

Once Google sees more clicks on your page, it figures users are having a good experience and organic traffic will grow accordingly.


ClickVue’s content library has 300+ videos and 100+ blog posts ready to add to your site. That’s $500K worth of content already produced and you can use it affordably. See some examples now. Then schedule a tour to see the vast library for yourself.  Better metrics are just a month away!

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